Why concrete?

  • Extremely durable -- we  guarantee the quality of our products for your lifetime. How can we do that?  Our products are:

    • GFRC - Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete.  Fiberglass is added to Maximizer concrete to create a solid surface that is 30% lighter than typical concrete but 30% stronger.  Our formulation resists cracks and chips.

    • Solid and strong with a depth, clarity and radiance not found in other solid surfaces.

    • Highly resistant to stains and scratches.  Our acrylic sealer is equivalent to solid surfaces such as Corian.  In the unlikely event of scratches, burns or deep gouges, damage can be repaired.

  • Endless design elements -- we are creative with concrete as our artistic medium of choice. 

    • Look of natural stone -- our proprietary process (Ashby System) enables us to transform concrete into the look and feel of natural stone. 

    • Seams -- our process, and artistic creativity, give you options when seams are required.  Seams can be hidden as in the vein of rock.

    • Colors-- we use high quality UV-resistant integral color pigments and our artistic experience to combine colors into combinations, if available in nature, would be extremely rare and valuable.

    • Design finishes -- from custom back-splashes to elegant edge treatments, if you can dream it there's a good chance we can create it.  We are trained in custom mold-making and casting.

    • Integrated sinks-- custom integrated sinks are our specialty.  

Do I need special cabinets to support the weight of concrete?

Most existing base cabinets are designed to support the weight of natural stone countertops.  Our countertops are comparable in weight to granite or quartz.  If you choose a design which requires additional support inside the cabinets, we will bring that to your attention during the free quotation process.

Is the process messy?

No -- not in your home/business anyway.  The manufacturing process with concrete is messy, but the mess is contained to our studio.  Once the art pieces are completed, they will be transported to your home and installed -- no fuss, no mess. 

Lifetime quality warranty

Our products will last a lifetime -- and we guarantee it! If our products exhibit a quality defect, we will fix it or replace it for your lifetime or as long as you own the piece of art.  This guarantee is transferrable to new owners of your functional concrete art for a reasonable transfer fee.  Click the "Warranty" menu item to see the entire warranty.

Functional Concrete Art LLC, Countertops  Concrete, Liberty Center, OH

Simple pricing

Who can put a price on art?  We can, after a short consultation with you to understand your project goals.  There is never a charge to quote your project!   Our quote will include creative consultations, design, fabrication, installation and lifetime warranty.  50% of the price is due with the order and the balance is due upon completion of the installation.

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